Congressman’s Son One of Five Defendants After Death of Fraternity Pledge

United States Representative, John Carney, Democrat Congressman from Delaware, has a son who is oen of five defendants in two lawsuits that are seeking $50 million after the death of a Clemson University fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge. The wrongful death lawsuits were filed Monday after Tucker Hipps, 19, fell off a bridge into shallow water. Hipps was ordered by fraternity brothers to bring breakfast to the house the morning he disappeared and it is alleged that he was confronted by one of the brothers. SAE brothers at Clemson might feel the repercussions and pledges are often pushed over the edge of the bridge at Lake Hartwell near campus and encouraged to swim ashore.

Former Black Panther and Imprisoned Journalist Hospitalized for Diabetic Shock

Mumia Abu-Jmal has been hospitalized for treatment of diabetes and according to family members, is not doing well. Abu-Jamal, 60, was removed from the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution to a nearby medical center when his blood sugar was elevated to 779 and remains higher than 300 (average is approximately 100). He is serving life for the ’81 murder of white Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner.

Member of Elite Tuskeee Airmen Group Dies at Age 95

Leslie A. Williams, a former member of the Tuskegee Airmen, died in California at the age of 95. The group was an elite group of fighter pilots in the Air Corps who were African-American who helped break the race barrier during World War II. He received the Congressional Gold Medal from George W. Bush in 2007.

Alleged Kidnapping for Ransom Case Under Skepticism

In California, when a woman and her boyfriend kidnapped a woman in the middle of the night to hold her for ransom and then released her two days later, there has been some cynicism about the incident. Aaron Quinn, 30, called to report his girlfriend missing from their home on the afternoon of March 23. Denise Huskins, 29, was then supposedly abducted and the kidnappers demanded $8,500. While Quinn prepared payment, Huskins reappeared at her parents’ house on March 25 just before it was due. Quinn and Huskins hold true to their story but there is a lot of skepticism that it may have been a hoax.

New Trial Set for Grandma Killer

When Richard Lapointe was convicted of killing his wife’s 88-year-old grandmother in 1987, the Connecticut Supreme Court has now ordered a retrial. Lapointe is considered to be brain-damaged and his prior sentence was life in prison. It is believed that the 69-year-old was denied a fair trial due to prosecution failure to acknowledge he might have an alibi.

Boston Marathon Bombing Defense Rests

After hearing just four witnesses in the Boston Marathon Bombing trial, the defense team for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, rested its case. The prosecution team has 92 witnesses and it seems unquestionable that Tsarnaev was in fact a participant in the bombing in 2013 which killed three people and injured at least 260.

Weapon Freeze Removed Against Egypt by Obama

In order to repair relations with Egypt, President Obama lifted an arms freeze that was imposed against Egypt when the country’s government was overthrown two years ago. This will allow for aircraft, tankers, and missiles to be used in Egypt if needed. It was put into effect in 2013 for the interest of national security in America.

NSA Shoots 2 Crossdressers with Lengthy Tack Records

On Tuesday, two men who were dressed as women were shot at by National Security Agent police when they ignored orders at a guarded gate when they stole a car. Ricky Shawatza Hall, 27, died and the passenger was injured. Somehow the two ended up in a restricted area in Fort Meade, Maryland. Both had lengthy criminal records.

Amazon Releases Dash Button

In order to keep regular household items keeping stocked, Amazon has released the Dash button which allows consumers to stock their shelves with a simple press of the button.

U.S. To Release Military Aid to Egypt

To try to boost Cairo’s abilities to combat threats from extremists, President Obama released military aid to Egypt that was previously suspended when the government was overthrown in 2013.

Democrat Could Be in Feud Over Position Endorsement

The Democrats could be in a hot feud as two Senators stated their loyalty to another as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and New York Senator Chuck Schumer discussed the Whip position. Durbin said he would stand behind Schumer for Democratic Leader and Schumer said he would return the favor in support of Durbin to stay the Minority Whip.