Congress to Hold Hearings on Operation Choke Point

A plan developed by the Obama administration called Operation Choke Point targeted casinos, short-term lenders, tobacco retailers, gun stores, and others. The program pressured financial institutions to cut off accounts for any businesses in those sectors.

Facebook to Take on Another Task

If Facebook wasn’t big enough already, the company has recently announced it would like to save users time by being able to offer hosting of other websites’ content. The social media site is in contact with six media companies that would host content directly on Facebook and includes ‘National Geographic,’ ‘Buzzfeed,’ ‘The Huffington Post,’ and others.

Sephora’s Corporate Offices Loses CDO in Pursuit of Another Gig

Julie Bornstein, the Chief Digital Officer for Sephora, is considered one of the beauty industry’s biggest retail executives. ‘Stitch Fix,’ a personal stylist company which is only four years old managed to snag her for their company where consumers can become part of a club and based on their likes and dislikes, stylists then hand-pick items for them monthly.

Legendary Rocker Hits Jogger with Car

David Crosby, 73, a rock-n-roll hall of famer who was involved in the group Crosby, Stills and Nash and the group the Byrds, was going at the posted speed limit of 55 mph in Southern California, when he accidently hit Jose Jimenez, 46, who was jogging along the road.

After 101 Minutes of No Pulse, Toddler is Revived

Gardell Martin slipped into the water of a moving stream near his Pennsylvania home and he was found 30 minutes later stuck on a tree branch, motionless in the icy water. With no pulse for 101 minutes, the toddler was dead even after efforts of CPR. Due to the cold temperature of the water, the boy’s organs required little metabolism to survive as his body temperature was 75 degrees in comparison to the average 98.6 degrees. Miraculously, as the body began to warm from its hypothermic state, a heart rate and pulse returned.

Ted Cruz Officially Announces Presidential Hopes

On Twitter, Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, announced his anticipation to run for President. He later delivered a fiery speech at Liberty University in Virginia on Monday to share all the ideas he had including erasing Obamacare.

Police Officer Helps Runner Finish 10 K Race

Asia Ford had lost 200 pounds over two years and decided to run a 10K race to keep going on her journey when she began the race in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend. After running five miles, she really began to struggle but despite paramedics checking in on her, she wouldn’t stop. Instead, a police Lt. Aubrey Gregory determined he wasn’t going to let Ford stop or do it alone and he held her hand as she crossed the finish line.

Frozen Sequel to Head to Box Office

While Disney’s animated sequels typically go straight to video, Disney refuses that tradition when determining that ‘Frozen 2’ will instead be released in theaters. The $1.3 billion box office of the original could attribute to the decision.