Our Team

    Lari S Pogo
    Owner: Lari S Pogo
    Bob Listerton
    Programmer: Bob Listerton
    Marketing and Promotion:
    Mike Falcone
    Marketing and Promotion: Mike Falcone
    Alex Gordon
    Writer: Alex Gordon

    Our Plans for Future

    Now February 12, 2015. Our website a little more than 1 year, and we are only now starting to actively improve and develop the project. At the moment, our plans are as follows (see what we can realize and when):

    1) To make our site the fastest project in this niche. I mean speed of the site, as people sometimes do not like slow sites.

    2) By February 2016 to make monthly attendance over 600 000 visitors.

    3) To make the functionality that will allow the most comfortable to work with sites like business owners and people who are looking for information about the business.

    4) The opportunity to make business owners to register a business page so as to best attract visitor pages and increase conversion rates. This refers not only to the visual design and the addition of various elements and increase the conversion and the level of confidence on the part of the client.

    5) Business owners will be able to add to the page of your products and services and have the opportunity to sell directly to our site.

    6) Make a comfortable modern design for the project in the style of Material Design

    I can not say that you will get a brand new idea of our project. However, I can assure you that we will not site is worse than the leaders in this niche and in some moments even better. In what? I give you the right to decide for themselves it! Stay with us. We love you very much.