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    Business list in Greenwood Springs

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    Unity Broadcasting Inc

    60049 Horseshoe Bend Road Greenwood Springs, MS 38848, Greenwood Springs

    (662) 651-4861

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    New Beginnings Baptist Church

    52043 Highway 278 East Greenwood Springs, MS 38848, Greenwood Springs

    (662) 256-3585

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    New Center Point Freewill Baptist Church, Parsonage

    60320 Sipsey Fork Road Greenwood Springs, MS 38848-9737, Greenwood Springs

    (662) 257-1111

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    Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department

    60709 Pearce Chapel Road Greenwood Springs, MS 38848-9770, Greenwood Springs

    (662) 651-7254

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    Splunge Volunteer Fire Department

    60723 Splunge Road Greenwood Springs, MS 38848-9715, Greenwood Springs

    (662) 256-9800

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